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Growing Up With Food Allergies

viagra helvetica, ailment sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;">Creciendo con Alergias, for sale  Growing Up With Food Allergies Foundation, was founded in 2007 by a small group of determined parents of children with food allergies. We grew up from a very enthusiastic and well organized group of patients into a legally established Non Profit Organization that currently leads major social changes and public policies that benefit food allergy patients in Chile.

Our Mission Statement: "to generate social changes that improve the lives of allergic patients"



Board of Directors

Patricia Carmelo Cavero. Co-Founder. President of the Board

Carolina Olivares San Martín. Co-Founder. Finance Director

Mauricio Rojas Eneros. Co-Founder. Director


María José Soublette. Press Coordinator

Ing. Daniela Peralta. Food Industry Specialist

Carolina Concha Horta. Family Relations Coordinator

Jessica Urrea. Family and Social Relations Coordinator

Isabel Rojas Eneros. Staff Volunteer

Medical Advisors

Dra. Isabel Miquel 

Dr. Arturo Borzutzky


Food Allergies in Chile

Food Allergies in Chile

- Food allergies were not recognized as a disease before 2013. In 2009, Creciendo con Alergias formally requested the Ministry of Health to elaborate an official guide that helps doctors in primary care to identify cases of food allergy. Eight doctors (our Medical Advisors included) were invited by the Government to create this Guide. Doctors met regurlarly and a final draft was delivered in 2013. The final draft was presented to our organization for comments and on July 2013, the Clinical Guide of Allergy to Cow Milk Protein in Chile was finally published and distributed to primary care system nation wide.

Before this, each physician used to apply his/her own criteria.

- There is no official data of prevalence of food allergy in Chile. It is believed that 4 to 5 % of children have food allergies. In 2011, our organization requested the Ministry of Health to elaborate a Study of Prevalence of Food Allergies in the country. The project was approved on 2014, and it started on March 2015.

- Treatment is not covered by public of private health system. In 2009, We asked the government to guarantee treatment for small children who need expensive elemental formulas. After many years of fight, the Ministry of Health finally has started a Pilot Program that will provide elemental formulas to kids with severe food allergies who need them. It is expected that at the end of this pilot the Goverment will install a permament program that provides expensive hidrolized formulas to allergic children who need them.


Main Challenges

As patients and advocates, we face several challenges in our society:

Treatment is not covered by public or private health system.  Treatment is very expensive and it has a tremendous impact on families economy and lives. We have seen familiies selling their belongins on social networks to raise money to buy formulas and adrenaline auto-injectors.

- Society does not understand food allergies. We still face uninformed judgments and comments when we try to explain what food allergy is. There is a conservative line of thinking that rejects the concept of food allergy as a pathology and believe that we are aprehensive parents.

- Organization is not supported by permanent founding. Our executive team and staff are volunteers and they use their own resources on their everyday tasks.


Our Main Achievemts


Our Organization

- We have grow from a support group who met in 2007 into a legally established NPO. We are the first organization of food allergy patients created in the region.

- Last year we were acredited as a charitable organization.

- In 2008, we created and managa the only national registration of allergic patients in Chile. We have more than 4.200 registers.


Public Health Policies

These are the projects and public policies created by our initiative and leadership

- Food Allergens Label Legislation. In 2009 we pushed legislation to make labels warn the presence of allergens. In 2010 it became mandatory to label the presence of allergens in all products in Chile.

- Clinical Guide of Allergy to Cow Milk Protein in Children in Chile. In 2013, the Ministry of Health finally publishes thsi guide. Chile is the first country in the region to have an official guide of cow milk allergy made by the goverment.

- Food Allergy now is as valid diagnostic for Maternity Leave. In 2013, the Ministry of Health made food allergy a valid diagnostic for a mother whose child has food allergies.

- Hipoallergenic Formulas during hospitalization and for 4 weeks after medical release. In Chile hypoallergenic formulas are not covered by pubilc or private health plans. In 2013, we succeeded in our demand to the goverment to provide these formulas to hospitalized children. Our first case was Angel, a 3 year old boy who suffered two anaphylactic shocks in one day and was taken into a public hospital. We were by his side and made sure he received his formulas as promised by the Goverment.



Patients and Society

These are the programs that we created for our patients and the community and have great impact on our society:

- Donation Program Amigo de Leche. We donate hypoallergenic formulas to families that cannot afford them.

- Educational Workshops and Support Groups. We host workshops and support group meetings through the year. These activities are expected by our families.

- Guidelines.  We have different guidelines, documents and letters that we have prepared for our patients. This is an informative and educatinal material that our families use when they need to send children to daycare or school.

- Online Support. We keep active our social networks, web pagre, forums and mailing lists to help families who reach to us Online.



Our main goal as an organization is to open our Center for the Allergic Patient.


Public Health Policies

These are our organization pending demands to the MInistry of Health:

- Provide hypoallergenic formulas to food allergic patients who need them
- Bring epinephrine auto-injectors to all public schools
- Push Legislation on disclosure of allergens in non-packed food – on study

Patients and Society

- Bring our educational programs to schools
- Continue our outreach activities
- Train leaders to hold support groups in other cities



Creciendo con Alergias is an organization that works to improve the quality of life of food allergic patients and their families. We are volunteers and we need your help to keep working.


You can help us with donations on this link:



Bank Name: Banco de Crédito e Inversiones

Account Number: 81987986


Organization Name: Fundación Creciendo con Alergias Alimentarias

Please direct questions to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.


Traveling to Chile



¡Welcome to Chile!

Useful tips for food allergy patients traveling to Chile.

- Please bring your epinephrine auto-injector and medical certificate or prescription. There are no auto-injectors available in Chile. In case you need an auto-injector during your stay in Chile, please contact Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. (English speaker available). Our organization organizes monthly imports of auto-injectors.

- Do not bring fruits, seeds or vegetables. Chile has very stirct custom rules and procedures at its port of entry. If you carry packed food, you must declare it upon your arrival. Failure to declare any source of food may result in high fines. 


In case of an emergency


Emergency numbers:

131 Ambulance

133 Police


- If you are having a reaction and you assitance, you can reach to:


Clinica Alemana. 

Clinica Santa María.

Clinica Las Condes

Clínica Indisa


Eating in Chile with Food Allergies


Chile label legislation since 2010. It mandates that all productos must warn the presence of the following allergens: cow milk, soy, egg, peanut and tree-nut, fish and shellfish, wheat.


Most commong pruducts that food allergy patients buy in Chile are:


- rice cookies

- quiona cookies

- potatoes (chuño) cookies

- rice noodles, greeen beans noodles 

- soy, rice, almond drinks


Available in all main supermarkets

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